Men can laugh this question, but when a woman is going to get behind the car, it would not be superfluous to remind her of some details. Of course, the seller resorts to various tricks to sell the “old woman” at a bargain price. But we, too, are not fortunate and go to the market prepared. So you decided to buy a used car.

The Very First Thing for You

First of all, pay attention to the state of the engine. By eye, this is not done. Open the hood. Many people mistakenly believe that the engine can be determined by the sound. Do not trust this method. A good mechanic adjusts the engine so that it cannot be distinguished from the new one. But how much will he really work?

The Bolts

Look carefully at the heads of the bolts. If they are damaged or jammed, it means that the engine was disassembled or repaired more than once. From such a machine is better to refuse immediately. Now let’s see the body. It is advisable to choose a car on a sunny day. Remember: on a new body the sun glare diverges in a straight line or goes in circles. If the body repainted, they will go intermittently or in different directions.

Used cars for sale in Kent

You can check the body with a magnet. Carefully swipe the magnet over the surface of the body. If the grip of the magnet with the metal weakens or it falls off altogether, it means that there is putty under the paint. Such a car is better not to buy. The very fact of repainting the body is always alarming. This is proof that the car rolled over or was in a serious accident. But with the used cars for sale in Kent you will not have to worry about such issues.

The Rate of the Failures

Allowable failures when checking the wing magnet. Even after an accident, after repair, they do not affect the chassis. Remember to bend over and inspect the bottom well. Try to pierce it imperceptibly with a thin awl. If this succeeds, then the bottom is rotten and will not last long. It’s time to look into the salon.

Carefully inspect the pedals

The more they are worn and worn, the more distance the car has traveled. A strongly pressed seat and a small speedometer indicator are incompatible, unless it (the speedometer) went around the second circle or was not intentionally rewound. Yes and the very state (upholstery) of the cabin will tell you how much you drove on this car. Get behind the wheel and … smell it. Yes, yes, do not be surprised.

If you smell dampness and mold, it means that the car has been in the water and, possibly, the electronics are damaged. Start the car should be the first time. If this does not happen, do not find out the reasons, but simply refuse to buy.