Drip, drip, drip, when it leaks out of the gutter, it not only sounds unpleasant, it also damages the facade over time. Not to mention the dirt flag left by the run-off rainwater. The gutter should therefore be regularly inspected and any leaks immediately closed. This is still quite easy with smaller holes and without the help of a specialist. However, if the damage to the gutter has already progressed further, usually only an exchange by the expert helps.

Repair of metal and plastic gutters possible

A gutter repair is possible both with gutters made of plastic or metal, whereby a distinction must still be made here between copper gutters and galvanized gutters. For the sealing and repair of gutters, the industry has developed various materials. For example, repair tapes, fiber-reinforced sealing compounds and high-tech silicone are used. In the case of metal gutters soldering and welding are also possible, but you should only dare to know who knows what to do with them. Many a roof has gone up in flames because cobwebs or bird nests have ignited. For the Toronto Eavestrough repair this happens to be a very

Toronto Eavestrough Repair

Repair tapes for sealing gutters

Before it becomes dangerous, better resort to a repair tape that is suitable for outdoor use. These tapes are easy to work with, suitable for both plastic and metal gutters and withstand UV radiation. Such sealing tapes are made of different materials. Mostly they are perfect, that is, the individual layers later stick together so tightly that they can no longer be separated. Repair tapes are particularly suitable for quick help with dripping gutters. For eternity, they are certainly not made, but I lack the experience here.

Repair the gutter with sealing compounds

Various sealing compounds are commercially available for the repair of leaks in gutters. To mention here is, for example, the fiber-reinforced sealing compounds which is particularly suitable for metal gutters. The mass is applied with the brush or spatula on the sealed gutter and forms after drying a waterproof layer, which also refined with elastic emulsion paints or bitumen coatings, i.e. color can be adapted to the substrate.

Another type of sealing compounds is silicone sealants. The material even adheres to damp substrates and even to bitumen. It has a crack-bridging effect and can be painted, rolled, speculated or sprayed. This permanently elastic seal can be used to repair both metal and plastic troughs. For assembled plastic gutters, a soft PVC tape must also be used if the water drips out of the overlap area. The tape ensures that the seal goes through all the movements of the gutter and everything stays tight.

If it’s just minor damage to the gutter, you can use silicone for repairs. You absolutely need a silicone that is free of solvents. You also need a syringe to squeeze the silicone out of the cartridge. You get all this for a few dollars in every hardware store.

Before you can apply the silicone, you must clean the damaged areas and then let them dry completely, so that the silicone can adhere optimally. Then use the syringe to apply the silicone to the cracks and holes and pass it with your finger. But first wipe with soapy water. It is important that you smooth the mass completely so that no major obstacles will be created in the gutter.