You arrived on time at the ceremony. She was beautiful in her dress; he was handsome in her costume. The first few minutes of the cocktail were delicious, everything was perfect. Finally, how to choose the right hochzeits dj wien? Here are advices from experienced people.

In your Bride-to-be priorities, perhaps you are not yet looking for the DJ of your wedding. It is true that it is only October but considering how this task can be complex, it is better to go early.

hochzeits dj wien

  1. Watch The look

Cooking chipos on the exhaust while listening to “Turn on the fire” is nice, but unless it is your real will, immediately clears things up with him: a wedding is chic and class, so if he is not able to come clean on the first date, do not wait for him for D-DAY.

  1. Listen to it

Besides, he talks too much. More pipelette than a pre-pubescent college and with as much vocabulary as a herd of Chti’s in Ibiza (yes, all together), it’s been 20 minutes since he arrived and yet you still have not been able to place one. His semantic field is as diversified as a gluten-free diet, but that does not prevent him from opening it big and strong and a lot.

The risk?Let him do the same on the night of the wedding. Except if there is one thing that everyone hates, it is the DJs who speak, as much as Pierre Bellemare trying to sell a steamer on TV shopping.

  1. The scrutinize

He is more go than DJ. In addition to talking excessively, it has a taste too pronounced for games of all kinds. It must be said that for him it is downright a professional distortion: he worked at the club for quite a few years.

  1. Ask to see his playlist

We all have our little secrets but from there to claim his inclinations for rotten music, there is a moat.After some trick questions you doubt because he responded positively to all your pitfalls. Crush, your DJ has doubtful musical tastes. So this kind of sound is limited, but hey, well soaked at 5am, it can pass nobody remembers what happened the next day, but for the time when the blood alcohol level is still negative, it sucks pudding. So if he prefers “sardines” to open the ball rather than “What a wonderful world”, run away.

  1. Is he caring?

More perched than a student at Full Moon, he did not even think about asking you the mood you wanted for your wedding. Jazz for the reception, salsa during the meal: music is his job, he will adapt.

Yes, but no. A good wedding DJ is listening to his customers and their personality: lounge atmosphere? Rather retro? You have to trust him, but he will still need guidance. If he is not able to hear them, you will not have what you want: it would be a pity no?

A bad DJ can spoil your wedding so if you do not feel like it, do not hesitate to continue your research. When you think you have found a good one, ask to contact former clients to inquire about his work.