Finer Instances for the Dragon Dance and Arrangement

Dragon dance, also known as “dancing dragon “, is also called “playing dragon”, “playing dragon lamp” or ” dancing dragon lamp “. One of the traditional folk dances in China is widely distributed throughout the country. Its variety of forms is any other. Folk dances are unmatched. The Inception As early as in the oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty, there have been a few people who collectively sacrificed dragons for rain in the records of the Han Dynasty Dong Zhongshu’s “Spring and Autumn Fanlu “, there are clear records of various dragons seeking rain. afterwards, the poems of the dynasties It is not uncommon to record the text of the court or folk dragon dance. Until now, the dragon dance is still one of the dance forms that are common in folk festivals. The most basic means of performance of the dragon dance is its props, compositional changes and action routines. The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation and the ancestors of the believers. LED Dragon Dance is a symbol of the Chinese spirit. It embodies the spirit of the Chinese national group and the spirit of the development. It contains the cultural connotation of harmony between […]