Best Deals With the Used Cars for Your Purchase

Men can laugh this question, but when a woman is going to get behind the car, it would not be superfluous to remind her of some details. Of course, the seller resorts to various tricks to sell the “old woman” at a bargain price. But we, too, are not fortunate and go to the market prepared. So you decided to buy a used car. The Very First Thing for You First of all, pay attention to the state of the engine. By eye, this is not done. Open the hood. Many people mistakenly believe that the engine can be determined by the sound. Do not trust this method. A good mechanic adjusts the engine so that it cannot be distinguished from the new one. But how much will he really work? The Bolts Look carefully at the heads of the bolts. If they are damaged or jammed, it means that the engine was disassembled or repaired more than once. From such a machine is better to refuse immediately. Now let’s see the body. It is advisable to choose a car on a sunny day. Remember: on a new body the sun glare diverges in a straight line or goes in […]